Many of the men interested in trans women prefer pre-op and non-op. Sometimes, it borders on infatuation. It’s an attraction so strong they can’t resist it even if they try. Pre-op means the woman has not undergone sex reassignment surgery and still has male sex organs, as in pre-operation, and non-op is where there is no intention to undergo one. A somewhat undesirable term to describe these women is shemale. The reason for this intro into the topic of finding shemales in Cape Town is because the best way to do this is online. The most popular sites are international ones, where the terms pre-op and non-op will be used rather than shemale.         

Of course, there are local sites you can use as well, but they’ll mostly be advertising escort services. If you’re not looking to pay, international sites like My Ladyboy Date and My Transsexual Date will feature profiles of locals searching for relationships. Another international site active in Cape Town is TS Dating, but some of the people on it are escorts too. You could check out all of these to maximize your odds, but don’t use words like “shemale” no matter who you are talking to and even if they have used this word on their profile. Sometimes, people will use it to describe themselves but will take offense when someone else calls them that.

No matter what you’re looking for when searching for love online, put effort into it. Make it a priority and don’t chat endlessly. If you meet someone who lives near you, ask them to have a drink after work or meet for lunch. Cape Town has an accepting atmosphere, and you won’t attract unwanted attention. You could go for a walk in a nearby park or along one of the city’s beautiful beaches. Don’t put off meeting them because of anxiety. This won’t get you anywhere, and they might get upset at you, thinking you got cold feet. This happens to men interested in trans women who don’t have any experience dating them.

You’ll find they are just like women who were born female in many, many ways. Have courage and follow through on your intentions. It won’t take more than two hours to meet up for a cup of coffee.