Sexual intercourse is a natural act done by two people to experience pleasure. It is more of a requirement, especially for married couples. This is because sex is a great recipe to add more spice to their marriage. When couples no longer have sex or lacking sexual desire, they tend to lose their connection. This is why sex is a necessity to maintain the good relationship between couples.

When it comes to being horny, there has been a question of who are hornier—men or women? This actually varies to both men and women. But as a woman grows older, and she hasn’t had any sexual experience, then it is most probable that they will crave for sex. Men are not the only ones who have insatiable cravings for sexual intercourse. Women also want to have sex to satisfy their inner cravings.

Here are some of the reasons why women are hornier as they get older:

They have been single for a long time

When a woman is single, sexual intercourse is often declining. If they have been single for a long time, they really would miss it. And when they enter a new relationship, a woman tends to be in their horniest state with their new partner.

Having a baby is really important

It is a natural instinct of every woman to want their own baby. As soon as they start with their married life, they will try to bear a child already.

It is the peak of their orgasm

There has been some research going on that the age of thirties is when women are at the peak of their orgasm. This is probably because women at this age have already prepared their physical bodies for motherhood. They are more confident since they know what they want in life already.