Brazzers vs Naughty America: Which site has the better porn?

There’s many giants in porn, VRBangers, PornHub, YouPorn, Mofos, but all of them pale in comparison of two names. Two names of two paysites which have been ruling the porn field for what seems to be forever, these two have been rivals since their inception, and they will continue to be rivals in the future, as they are now. We are of course talking about Brazzers and Naughty America. Today we’ll be looking at which one of these pay site giants is superior, in which ways, and why.

Firstly, there’s a difference in how hardcore their productions are, Naughty America at large produces content that is much softer than the hardcore galore Brazzers is known for, now, whether this is a pro or a con obviously depends on you. However despite this, an important thing to note is that while NA very rarely produces harder content, Brazzers sometimes does dabble into softer videos, this means that in this respect at least, Brazzers edges out, as it produces both non-vanilla and vanilla content simultaneously. This makes it so that there’s much more variety in the Brazzers content than NA.

The next issue with NA is the fact that they’re very repetitive, almost all videos follow more or less the same pattern, this is mostly due to the fact the scenes shot are extremely vanilla which leaves little room in regards to creativity to the director of the movie itself.

The next point of contention is the male talent, while male performers aren’t looked at much, by large, they’re much smaller in NA, with it employing some of the smallest-dicked pornstars in the industry, now this is a matter of personal preference, some of us enjoy more realistic dick sizes, like NA, while others simply want to see a girl plowed by a hung dude, in which case, Brazzers is the way to go.

Now the next thing to consider is the amount of content, while both of these sites have a LOT of content, Brazzers has a slower update time, meaning that Naughty America slightly edges out in this respect. However, we feel like just this alone isn’t enough to redeem it when compared to Brazzers, as both sites have huge amounts of content. So in the end, the verdict goes to Brazzers, as the true king of the porn industry.